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The Argolis, the golden county of Greece, home to the world famous archaeological sites of Mycenae, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and the site of Ancient Tirintha (Tiryns), all of which are within a half an hour's journey from Atheaton Pension in Nafplio, the county's capital.

Close by visit the lesser known archaeological sites of the pyramid in Helliniko, which is the oldest pyramid in the world according to Pafsanias, Lerna, where Hercules reputedly killed the Lernaian Hydra, Midea and the site of Didima, around 45 minutes away is a great place to visit, especially for people with interests in geology with its twin chasms in the hills and underground passages between the two.

The Argolida’s geographical position, just one and half hours from Athens, gives it a slightly warmer climate all the year round as it is sheltered by mountains from both the North and the West. Underground streams run through the Argolida and make the plains green and lush, full of orange and lemon trees, olives and other fruits.

Breathtaking landscapes of the mountains of the Argolida and from their peaks, scenes that few think to explore a paradise for nature lovers and for all forms of alternative tourism in the Peloponnese. Small traditional hamlets with a handful of inhabitants are nestled on the mountain tops with people living from the land in traditional stone houses.

Just 15 minutes away from Nafplio and the Atheaton Pension is the city of Argos, the oldest city in Europe having been continually inhabited for 7000 years! The castle on the hill of Larissa overlooks the city and has great views of the Argolic plain. The ancient agora and museum are well worth a visit an twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a local market selling produce, household goods and clothes.


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