The ancient writers make mention of Nauplion, as an important city, that took part in the Argonautic Expedition and the Trojan war. In the latter, there also parti­cipated Palamedes the sage, son to the fifth founder of the city, called also Nau­plius. This Palamedes was falsely accused by Odysses of being a traitor and was murdered at Troy, as we learn from the lost tragedy by Euripides, bearing his name.

Popularromantic, but above really niceNafplion is undoubtedly one of the most idyllic destinations. Built in a unique position with unique architecture, full of smells history and culture, modern and classic together, offers to the visitors a journey where the past meets the present.

Between PalamidiAcronafplia and Bourtzi is the “old town” of Nafplio, ready to welcome in every season. There are so much worth seeing in Nafplion, certainly not enough just a visit. That’s why when you come, you will still want to come back.

In Nafplio will enjoy walks through the picturesque streets with brightly colored walls and neoclassical mansions, you will see narrow Venetian balconies where bougainvilleas climb, walk along the cobbled streets with the fragrant gardens of stone houses. The old town exudes a peculiar eroticism, which combined with its historic interest, they add a timeless value and raise Nafplion preferences of visitors. Certainly the walk to the seafront promenade Arvanitia, ”hugging” the rock of Akronafplia with Palamidi Castle is ideal for someone to feel the aura of the first capital of the Greek state.

The historic and romantic Constitution Square in the old city center, is ideal to start your tour. During the revolution called Platanos square and were located houses Nikitara and Theodoros Kolokotronis. Here you can admire the MPs, building the first house of the Greek state and former mosque. On the ground floor houses the Municipal Art Gallery. You will also find the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in an imposing building of the Venetian Warehouse Fleet and formerly a school, now known as the Trianon theater.

In Nafplio you can swim in the bay beach of Arvanitia with white pebbles and turquoise waters, or the great beach of Karathona, located 4 km. southwest of Nafplio through the road leading to the Palamidi.

The distance of Nafplion from Athens is just 145 km and the journey takes about 1 hours and 45 minutes.